Jeffrey Anthony


jeffrey anthony

president / CCO

Jeff is a 30 year veteran of the capital markets and has worked extensively with entrepreneurs and investors in the corporate finance environment throughout his career.  His experience includes managing money for high net worth individuals, family offices, and institutions, fund formation and management, investment banking, and founding several start-ups.  The business plans, financial projections, and investor presentations he has delivered over the years have generated more than $200 million in start-up and expansion capital for private and publicly traded clients around the country.

Jeff started his career as one of the first assistant floor representatives on the Pacific Stock Exchange (PSE) for Instinet, the world's first electronic trading platform for the investment industry.  He then joined the team that founded Spear Financial Services, the world's first online discount brokerage firm in partnership with Instinet and The Source Telecomputing (a Readers Digest subsidiary).  A publicly traded broker-dealer, Spear was also the largest specialist firm on the PSE and Jeff served as a securities principal and a member of Spear's board of directors.

In 1987, Jeff formed Shinnecock Capital, a family office fund capitalized by the lead investors in Instinet and Spear to invest in disruptive, high growth opportunities primarily in the telecommunications, information technology, and life sciences sectors.  In his role as Managing Director, he was responsible for due diligence and oversight of the fund's investments and served as a management adviser or member of the board of directors for the portfolio companies.

In 1992, Jeff joined the management team of one of these portfolio companies.  The National Registry was developing the world's first low-cost biometric identification security platform in partnership with Home Shopping Network and Cogent Systems (the developer of the automated fingerprint authentication system AFIS algorithms used by Britain's Scotland Yard).  As head of business development, Jeff sourced strategic transactions in the government and enterprise markets, establishing relationships with Computer Associates, Microsoft, and Novell to enable their single sign-on products to work with multiple biometric technologies (finger, voice, face, iris) and was responsible for the joint venture with KeyTronic Corporation to manufacture and distribute the world's first biometric keyboard for network security applications.  He became Chairman and CEO of this publicly traded company in 1998, changing its name from the National Registry to SAFLINK and relocating from Tampa to Seattle to expand into e-commerce, on-line banking, and other internet-based applications.

In 2002, Jeff co-founded Mallory Patterson Capital Management, which operated The MALPAT Funds and MALPAT Capital, a broker-dealer subsidiary.  As Managing Director and Securities Principal, he led the firm's investment banking practice sourcing capital for The MALPAT Funds, other fund managers, and high growth businesses primarily in the technology and life sciences sectors.  He established Corporate Finance Resources in 2003 to provide advisory services to MALPAT's clients and other high growth businesses.  CFR-Inc was approved as a broker-dealer in 2008 and acquired MALPAT's investment banking operations and client relationships in 2009.